The thoughts of G. Allen Morris III

Initiative Q

November 4th 2018

My Son sent me a link to Initiative Q today.

I found it very interesting. There is some chance that it will be worth $35,000 US at some point in the future, which is interesting, but not what I found most interesting…

Time to upgrade Debian?

October 23rd 2018

I decided today that it was time to upgrade my Debian Distrobution!

I installed Stretch on 4 Apr 2017 and it has been working quite will for me.

I did not really have a great need to upgrade. Stretch will be fully supported until 2020 and there will be long term support until 2022…

Creating a new locale and using it on Debian

August 25th 2018

I am now living in Amsterdam and as such wanted to set my local to reflect my new location.

One simple way to achive this is to set each of the different Locale Information Categories