The thoughts of G. Allen Morris III

My Mastodon Presence

February 22nd 2023

I certainly spend more time on Mastodaon these days than any other social media.

I am thinking that the biggest issue with Mastodon currently is that there are too many chooses. I currently have 5 accounts on Mastodon, because I have serveral different insterests. I will see if I can whittle these down, or at least come up with a main one.

Or it my be that this just works out, as people that want to follow my political ideas (if any) will follow me on and those that want to know about my thoughts on Open Source and beer will follow me on and my Fort Bragg friends will follow me on, and there won't be any issues. I will need to keep track of what I post where, but that has not been a large issue so far.