The thoughts of G. Allen Morris III

Bye bye Systemd

December 24th 2022

I had removed systemd from my main computer several months ago, but after having to deal with journalctl on one of my other compturs I desided to update them all.

With Debian this is a pretty straight-forward job.

The main step is to run:

install sysvinit-core sysvinit-utils elogind

If elogind is now installed several pachages like lightdm will get removed.

At this pont you can reboot, and systemd will no logging be running.

Then I also like to run OpenRC. Installing openrc can be a bit more difficult. After the package is installed you will see a message like this:

for file in /etc/rc0.d/K*; do s=`basename $(readlink "$file")` ; /etc/init.d/$s stop; done

And after running that your computer will reboot. I had some issues with this requiring 2 reboots before it ended up in the normal mode.

If you have been using the systemctl hibernate you will have to use a different system. I use pm-hibernate and pm-sleep, but these do require root premissions.