The thoughts of G. Allen Morris III

Online translators

January 18th 2020

I was looking in a Dutch dictionary and came across the sentence "Zij is thuis van een wolk van een zoon bevallen". Well this sentence does not make much sense to me. What do clouds have to do with giving birth to a son.

The "Zij is thuis", is "She is home", and the last part, "van een zoon bevallen", meaning "giving birth to a son".

But what do clouds, "wolk", have to do with it?

Well I decided to try some online translations and this is what I learned. First there are quite a few online translation services, and second that most of them just use Microsoft or Google.

Here is a list of the different translations:

  • Babylon It is home to a cloud of a son.
  • PROMT.One She's home from the cloud of a son out.
  • Microsoft She gave birth to a cloud of a son.
  • Google Translate She gave birth to a son's cloud at home.
  • BabelFish She has given birth to a cloud of a son at home

There are a lot more translators out there but they seem to mostly use Microsoft. Here is a list of the ones I saw.

After searching for a bit on the internet I found an entry on for een wolk van een baby "een wolk van een baby" means "een flinke gezonde baby" and that translates to "a healthy baby".

So our sentence, "Zij is thuis van een wolk van een zoon bevallen", translates to something like: "She gave birth to a healthy son at home".